So, now you have the girl you want to spend your life with, and it is time to plan for the romantic, unforgettable wedding proposal. We know the struggle of planning what and how to do it. Of course, after all, your girl deserves only the best. You have been tossing in your bed thinking how to make blush, cry, and say yes. Good thing is, we are here to give you just the answer you need!  


How you propose to her will be told hundred or probably a thousand times, even until you two grow old. Make sure you have just all the best to make it memorable. You can even avail on an Engagement Photography Evanston or hire some third-party organizers to help you with the proposal and engagement.  




The following are the different unconventional ways on how to propose to your girl 



Get a trip 

Bring her to somewhere she longs to see and visit. If your significant other constantly talks about a place she would love to travel, then bringing her to the place and proposing to her in there allows you to make her two dreams come true.  


All you need to do is to book the flight, spend the first few days exploring the place, having fun, and secretly scoop out ideal places for a romantic proposal. After finding the ideal spot, revisit it just before your vacation ends and then propose! 


Do not forget to capture the moment by arranging a shoot with any local photographer.  


Go have a picnic 

What is good and ideal about a picnic proposal is that whether it is simple or well elaborated, the proposal will still be romantic and unforgettable.  


All you need to do is to get your blanket, put in some cheese, crackers, wine, as well some chocolate bruschetta and strawberries in a basket for that kind of romantic menu for the night, and go to a place that will give you a good scenery and a view. You can also cook her favorite dish to make it more personal and romantic. 


Do not forget to bring with you some pillows and music.  


Propose while hiking 

This is ideal especially for sporty and adventurous couples. Take advantage of an adventure and propose on a scenic hike. What makes this ideal is that you get to have a beautiful setting and privacy for the romantic proposal.  


You can opt to propose on the top of the mountain, or even in the grove of trees. Ask your partner for her favorite adventure spot, prepare some lights, rose petals, and a ring, and bring her there to propose. 


Propose in a castle 

Yes, a castle. Rent a castle, make some preparations and propose. All you need to do is to search google for an available castle to rent, put on some rose petals on the ground while waiting for her to arrive, and when she does, get down on one knee and ta-da, you just made feel like a princess getting proposed in a castle.